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Dad's rock-n-roll birthday surprise


Dad: Kids, you gotta listen to this!

Daughter: One second, Dad!

Son: What about a weed trimmer?

Daughter: We should get him something special this year.

Son: Let's hear it.


Daughter: What about fixing up his old guitar?

Son: The one he used to play in college? That thing is destroyed.

Mom: He is always talking about dusting it off.

Son: True.

Daughter: So, I'll open a separate account for family projects and we all can contribute however we want.

Son: You can do that?

Mom: I think it's a great idea.

Daughter: Come on. Are you going to send me money?

Son: If you're good to do that, I'll send money over now.

Daughter: Cool. Alright, so I'll text you the last four digits of the account as soon as it's up. And I'll include grandma.

Son: Cool.

Father's friend: Wow, I haven't seen that axe since our last tour!

Daughter: You think we can fix it?

Father's friend: With a little luck, absolutely. I'll text you the number for my friend's shop.

Daughter: Thanks, Macon.

Father's friend: Course, I can send some money now if you're on Zelle®?

Daughter: Yep, don't forget it's linked to my phone number.

Father's friend: Awesome. Incoming!

Daughter: Ah! I'm so excited!

[Music over muted voices]

Dad: Letter from Grandma.

Daughter: Oh, thanks.

Dad: How's the research project going?

Daughter: It's good.

Dad: Alright.

[Music over muted voices]

Daughter: [Laughs] I hope so, too.

Daughter: Happy birthday, Dad.

Dad: You got me.

Son: Let's see what you got, old man!

Dad: All right.


Mom: I remember this one!

Dad: [Laughs]

Son: There we go.


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Digital Banking

Bank from anywhere with your mobile devices

Track your spending habits

Seamlessly move your money

Set alerts for transactions

Digital Banking

Bank from anywhere with your mobile devices

Track your spending habits

Digital Banking

Bank from anywhere with your mobile devices

Seamlessly move your money

Digital Banking

Bank from anywhere with your mobile devices

Set alerts for transactions


The same secure banking you expect in person, now online

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We'll automatically send you alerts if your account credentials change.

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Temporarily freeze or unfreeze your card if it's lost or stolen, or if you suspect fraud.

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Your money is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.


People often ask us

Yes. First Heritage Crest direct deposit service offers you the convenience of recurring automatic deposits into your accounts with same-day access. Deposits can be distributed across multiple First Heritage Crest accounts. Online alerts let you know when your money has been deposited. Learn more about direct deposits.

Qualifying deposits may include salary, pension, Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits and other regular monthly income.

The disclosure of products and fees provides a complete list of prices and fees for First Heritage Crest personal checking and savings accounts.

You'll get immediate access to begin using Digital Banking once your enrollment is complete.

Generally, yes. Your transaction history and balances for your First Heritage Crest accounts are real-time. Balances and history for non-First Heritage Crest accounts that have been added may be 1 to 2 business days behind due to how the data is made available from that bank.

Our app supports all iPhone® and iPad® devices with the current iOS operating system, as well as the previous two versions. Our app also supports Android™ mobile and tablet devices with the current Android operating system, as well as the previous two versions.

Note: Earlier versions of browsers and operating systems may still be able to access Digital Banking. However, certain features may not display or function correctly. Additional bug fixes and security enhancements may not be available on older versions.


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First Heritage Crest does not charge fees to download or access First Heritage Crest Digital Banking, including the First Heritage Crest mobile banking app. Mobile carrier fees may apply for data and text message usage. Check with your carrier for more information. Fees may apply for use of certain services in First Heritage Crest Digital Banking.

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